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Welcome to our new website!
Our website went live on December 22 and is still being corrected and updated. This Newsletter page will keep you informed as to any changes in course scheduling, such as additional courses and dates, holiday and vacation schedules, etc. Normally, these changes will be posted at least 30 days in advance.
You will also be advised of any changes in licensing policy or procedure as soon as we become aware of them.
Our Email is checked on a daily basis. Requests for enrollment may be made to, which can be accessed on any of the website's pages.
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(Information from National Maritime Center)

The National Maritime Center has been making good progress toward reducing application turnaround times. Some applicants have reported approvals for renewal in less than 3 weeks! However, mariners should still submit an application for renewal at least 6 months in advance of the expiration date or longer if a medical waiver is needed or if there have been convictions for offenses since the current license was issued. DON'T SWEAT THE RADAR. As long as you renew your radar before it goes out you're alright. Radar expiration dates are not placed on licenses anymore, so there is no reason to attempt to match them up. Application and Physical exam forms may be downloaded from the NMC website available on our links page. Also, the changeover to the "passport" type of Merchant Marine Credential (MMC) is complete. In order to further reduce the NMC's workload, we recommend allowing the renewed MMC to be issued as soon as it is approved.
"Flashing Light" course renewed!
DMT Staff
Recent inquiries concerning our Visual Communications "Flashing Light" course have prompted us to have the course renewed. As of March 1, this course is once again available at Davis Marine Training. Since demand for the course is understandably low, arrangements for instructor availability must be made relatively far in advance of the course date. If you need this course, Email or call for information concerning the next date of availability.
5-Day Unlimited Radar
DMT Staff
The 5-Day Unlimited Radar Observer course is not being scheduled at this time. We expect to be able to resume offering the course as soon as an instructor becomes available. Renewals of Unlimited endorsements will continue to be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday every other week. Please contact us for specific dates.
Course Prices
As of January 1, 2010, prices of our courses are as follows:
  • Steersman, Western Rivers $750
  • Steersman, Inland, and Western Rivers $900
  • 5-Day Radar $450
  • 4-Day Radar $400
  • 3-Day Radar $350
  • Rivers Radar Renewal $200 Unlimited or Inland Radar Renewal $250
  • All Engineer Licenses $750
New prices for other courses are available upon request. These increases are the first we have made since 2003, and they are due only to corresponding increases in costs. Our prices will remain well below those of other schools, and license application review is included for all courses. No other changes in service policy are being made at this time.

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